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Led Grow Lights

Led Grow Lights

Emerald Isle LED light know a lot about lighting requirements for plant growth, having worked in the farming industry and with Universities and growers gathering data over a period of years has enabled a range of highly effective lighting to be designed with the correct light wave-length ratios, the goal to grow faster, with higher yield whilst lowering the power consumption dramatically reducing heat/energy waste is now a reliable reality.

We achieved all of  these goals and have many satisfied customers.

  • select custom ratios
  • select additional IR/UV  for disease/pest control and essential oil stimulation
  • All lights come with a guarantee
  • we can bespoke design lighting for high intensity industrial installation fitments and have a past record in industrial design/prototyping and supply.

For example our SIXTH GENERATION grow light 120 watt, which is a direct replacement for a 600 watt sodium lamp, this light features a special light ratio with added UV A to promote essential oil production and keep bugs at bay. or our 90 watt lighting products specifically designed to replace 400 watt sodium lams which are used in the farming industry.

You may contact us via the live chat, leave a message or email, alternatively give us a call and we will be happy to advise and discuss your needs.

Or simply select the lights that you need and checkout using world-pay secure payments from your shopping cart, pay by cheque or direct bank deposit/transfer. ask us for the relevant details if you wish to pay by these methods. if you choose a custom option we will begin making it right away to your selected specifications and send it to you via safe tracked delivery.

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